Tip: Create a demo page for testing your theme

While you’re welcome to test your new theme on your live status page it’s probably not a good idea. We always recommend you create another page for testing your theme.

Manually deploying your theme

1. Zip up your theme

You need your theme to be a zip file so you can deploy it.It’s important that you zip the actual contents of your theme and not the parent folder. This way when we unpack your theme your status-page.liquid is in the root of the directory.

2. Upload your theme to Sorry

Now you have your zip file you need to upload this to your Sorry™ page. You’ll find the theme icon in the sidebar on the left of your screen. Once the zip has uploaded the theme will be deployed immediately.

Automating your deployment with Grunt

To make development and deployment of your themes even easier you can use Grunt along with our sorry-theme-deploy task to automatically take your theme’s source code, bundle it into a zip and deploy it to your status page

Details on building and deploying a theme with Grunt can usually be found in each theme’s README file.