Status Page Notices

Create notice


Example Request

curl -X POST \ -d type="unplanned" \ -d subject="API Performance Issues" \ -d initial_comment="This is an example notice." \ -d should_publish="1" \ -d 'component_ids[]=45337' \ -d 'component_ids[]=45338' \ -d 'component_ids[]=45339' \ -H "Authorization: Bearer 129spul0wcxabrfsnscn6lwrledmp2afbuaxgt1w42s74xds70fgln85e4s3"

Special Request Parameters

These attributes are not part of the standard resource and only apply on this specific action.

Attribute Name Description
type Either “planned” or “unplanned”
initial_comment Pass this to create a single update to introduce the notice.
should_publish Boolean, Send these changes out through Email, Slack Twitter etc.
component_ids An array of numeric IDs for the components which are affected by this incident. The component will then be ‘degraded’ the whole time the notice is ongoing. i.e. [‘1’, ‘2’, ‘3’]
begins_at_date (‘planned’ only) The date that the planned notice should start. In the format ‘YYYY-MM-DD’. i.e. ‘2019-01-29’
begins_at_time (‘planned’ only) The time that the planned notice should start in UTC (regardless of your page timezone, must be passed as UTC). In the 24 hour format ‘HH:MM:SS’. i.e. ‘16:30:00’
duration_in_minutes (‘planned’ only) The number of minutes that the maintenance is expected to last.

Example Response

{ "response": { "id": 204499, "type": "unplanned", "state": "investigating", "timeline_state": "present", "subject": "API Performance Issues", "synopsis": "This is an example notice.", "link": "", "began_at": "2022-12-05T12:49:31.039Z", "ended_at": null, "created_at": "2022-12-05T12:49:31.181Z", "updated_at": "2022-12-05T12:49:31.181Z" } }