Status Page Components

Component endpoint

Components allow you to detail the various elements of your service or infrastructure, making it easier for your audience to understand how you’re effected.


To change the state of a component you must associate a notice with it. When an associated notice is ongoing the state of the associated components will show as ‘degraded’.



These are the attributes which represent the object, most of which can be posted too and received in response to the actions.

Attribute Name Description
id The unique identifier for the component
state Determined by any associated open notices, or the state of it’s ancestors and descendants. One of ‘operational’, ‘degraded’, ‘partially-degraded’.
name The name of the component i.e. Database Server.
description An optional description of what the component is, displayed next to the name.
position Used to order components on the status page, lower numbers display higher than those with higher numbers.
parent_id Optional ID of the components parent, allowing you to recursively nest/group components.
created_at The date/time the record was created.
updated_at The date/time the record was last updated.